Design Miami/ invites designers, businesses, institutions, partners and sponsors to present newly commissioned works of design, creating unique exhibitions with strong curatorial and educational perspectives.

  • FENDI/

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    FENDI, a Design Miami/ partner for over ten years, joins with a Satellite Exhibition accessible at their Miami Design District boutique and a Design Talk that celebrates new directions in craft.

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    Hue+man/Die Wunderkammer by KEVIN JONES and DON C

    USM Modular Furniture launches Hue+man, a series of design awards and executive collaborations for people of color.

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  • Perrier-Jouët/

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    Curiosity Cloud by mischer’traxler for Maison Perrier-Jouët

    Since 2012, Maison Perrier-Jouët has collaborated with Design Miami/ in order to offer contemporary artists and designers an international platform for their creativity. As part of this mission, Maison Perrier-Jouët commissions talents, both emerging and established, to reinterpret its enduring relationship with art and nature – and in particular its Art Nouveau heritage – through the prism of the 21st century.

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  • Perrier/

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    Perrier x Murakami

    PERRIER® has announced a new, vibrant collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami, inspired by the pop and colourful universe of the artist and the creative and pioneering spirit of PERRIER®: PERRIER® x MURAKAMI.

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  • Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council/

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    Crafts of MENASEA and Reviving Beirut

    Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council joins Design Miami/ with a two part program: an exclusive online sale of handmade works from artist-makers from the MENASEA and Central Asian regions along with an inspiring conversation about how we can all support design and architecture practices to revive Beirut.

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  • Lexus/

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    FREEDOM TO MOVE by Tosin Oshinowo and Chrissa Amuah

    Lexus unveils a conceptual design collaboration with architect and designer Tosin Oshinowo and textiles and furniture designer Chrissa Amuah.

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  • Maison de Mode/

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    MAISON DE MODE and a m e n c a n d l e s presents Mushroom Conversations curated by g––k Galerie Kernweine

    AMEN MYCELIUM CO2 NEGATIVE PACKAGING : designed by amen, made by mushrooms. The revolutionary CO2 negative, circular biodegradable packaging is being shared in a global series of art exhibitions. The 'Mushroom Conversations' started in Stuttgart at GALERIE KERNWEINE, then traveled to Paris at DOVER STREET PARFUMS MARKET and now at Design Miami/.

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  • Convelio/

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    Quote it. Book it.

    Convelio is the official shipping partner for Design Miami/, specialised in the transport of fine art and collectible design. They have offices in New York, London and Paris but their network is global, from their online platform you can instantly book local, state to state, and international shipments.

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