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MAISON DE MODE and a m e n c a n d l e s presents Mushroom Conversations curated by g––k Galerie Kernweine

AMEN MYCELIUM CO2 NEGATIVE PACKAGING : designed by amen, made by mushrooms.

The revolutionary CO2 negative, circular biodegradable packaging is being shared in a global series of art exhibitions. The 'Mushroom Conversations' started in Stuttgart at GALERIE KERNWEINE, then traveled to Paris at DOVER STREET PARFUMS MARKET and now at Design Miami/. A collaborative effort to share a CO2 negative emission, circular and biodegradable packaging between artists, scientists, foundations, universities and sustainability experts has only one purpose— for plastic to be only at museums and mushrooms packaging to become affordable and democratic for all packaging needs.

About Maison de Mode

Hassan Pierre, Amanda Hearst, and Carmen Busquets are thought leaders and innovators in the sustainable fashion movement, each lending their voices and dedicating their lifestyles to this cause throughout the last decade. Together they cofounded and operate MAISON DE MODE, the global platform for sustainable fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers for a better tomorrow. Described as a platform business comprised of two parts MAISON-DE-MODE.COM and Mode///Communications, the company brings avenues of sustainability together through fashion, technology, culture and lifestyle.

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  • Mushroom Conversations: Circular Design, presented by Maison de Mode & a m e n c a n d l e s
    Hassan Pierre, Co-Founder of Maison De Mode, talks with Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, Jan Berbee, Founder of Grown.Bio, and others about the power of design to lead us toward a waste-free world.
    Moderated by Hassan Pierre