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Ed Ng’s List

Design Miami

The award-winning, Hong Kong-based designer shares a few of his favorite objects right now

Over the past two decades, interior design and architecture firm AB Concept has cemented a reputation for creating rich, multilayered spaces for high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs, and private homes around the globe. Founded in 1999 by designer Ed Ng and architect Terence Ngan, today, the award-winning practice boasts offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, Milan, and Karuizawa. AB Concept has worked on a range of high-profile projects, including W Hotels in Bali and Beijing; the Paper Moon Giardino restaurant in Milan; hand-blown, Bohemian glass lighting for Lasvit; and a chair for Poltrona Frau; as well as gorgeous restaurants in the Four Seasons Hotels in London, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and—for their latest project—Hong Kong.

AB Concept's latest project, the ARGO restaurant at Four Seasons Hong Kong. Photos by Chester Ong; © AB Concept

Ed Ng and Terence Ngan's Bangkok residence. Photo © AB Concept

We recently sat down with Ng—who, while normally based in Hong Kong, has spent much of the past several months working remotely from his exquisitely designed villa in Karuizawa—to find out what’s on his design wishlist right now. Scroll on for wow-moment-worthy pieces sure to inspire.


BIG BIRD Chandelier by Isidro Ferrer, 2019

© Patricia Findlay

“To me, this is a hanging sculpture rather than just a lighting piece. I like the scale of it, and I can imagine it bringing a lot of joy. It’s a storytelling sculpture with functionality; it evokes warmth and delight.”


Kohinoor Console by Vikram Goyal, 2020

© Todd Merrill Studio

“I always love storage cabinets that go beyond functionality. One important thing about furniture is the touch and feel, and the sense of materiality. I think of this piece like an over-sized, well-crafted piece of jewelry.”


Fiorenza Armchair by Franco Albini, 1957

© Nilufar

“I love this chair. There must be hundreds of wing chairs that were designed in this era, but I like this particular one because of the fluidity of its timber structure. Its curved form is simple and sensual. It’s proportionally very beautiful and ergonomically impressive. It’s also a piece that would work well in both contemporary and classic interiors.”


Maroque Suspended Chair by hettler.tullman, 2020

© Mindy Solomon Gallery

“I always enjoy this kind of hanging chair. The seat simply consists of a length of tapestry, making it a very clever piece with minimal structure whilst emphasizing its sculptural quality. It’s also versatile as it would complement different types of interiors—modern, minimal, or even more traditional.”


Lunar Sea II Coffee Table by Michael Coffey, 2016

© Macklowe Gallery

“The multiple layers of this coffee table are what appeals to me. It works well as the centerpiece of a group of seats and is also a piece of furniture that doesn’t need extensive styling to look elegant and beautiful—just a simple flower arrangement would do the trick.”


Snow by Jasmin Anoschkin, 2018

© Hostler Burrows

“The panda is such an adorable animal, but it’s actually very hard to capture its cuteness. When an artwork is made too literally, it seems to lose that element. This sculpture purposefully plays around with the proportions as artistic expression, which makes it quite charming. I always believe that if it looks right, it is right—and this piece puts a smile on your face whenever you look at it.”


Thank you, Ed! ◆