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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Yunhwan Kim is a South Korean artist who has, in the past 5 years, made a significant mark in the world of collectible design. With his distinctive line of works called the “Unintended Series,” which includes cabinets, tables, screens, mirrors, and lighting, Kim has captivated audiences with his remarkable craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Initially studying woodworking in school, Kim developed a hands-on approach to his art, embracing the tactile nature of the craft. His journey as an artist began with a series of small hand-carved wood objects such as trays, vessels, and bowls, which possessed what he refers to as “unintended shapes.” Intrigued by these forms, Kim started exploring their potential by connecting them, reversing their orientation to reveal dips and arcs, and modifying their shapes. Through this process, the works took on a life of their own, unfolding and evolving into large abstract pieces that eventually grew into his signature sculptural furniture.

In his latest works, Kim has ventured beyond wood and started incorporating cast aluminum and bronze. By mimicking the hand-carved wood forms in these high-end materials, he has firmly established his presence in the contemporary realm. This exploration of new mediums and materials adds a layer of sophistication and experimentation to his art, pushing the boundaries of his creative expression.

As Kim works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.

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