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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Draga and Aurel’s latest works, appropriately named the Flare collection and exclusive to Todd Merrill Studio, showcases their profound exploration of transparency in art and design. Drawing inspiration from the elegant simplicity of Minimalism, the futuristic charm of Space Age design, and the mesmerizing patterns of Optical Art, Draga & Aurel have ingeniously amalgamated these influences. Each piece in this collection is meticulously handcrafted from Lucite, a material that captures their fascination.

Flare epitomizes the duo's deep dive into the interplay of color and light refraction. Through a rigorous study of materials and their capacity to come alive with color and light, Draga & Aurel have created a material process that imitates internal illumination created as opposing colors react to ambient light . Their mastery in epoxy resin artistry is globally acknowledged, and in this project, they push their creative boundaries further by embracing Lucite. This acrylic material undergoes a painstaking process, with skilled artisans from Lake Como collaborating closely with the duo in their studio.

Inspired by the intricate three-dimensional color studies of South Korean artist Jiyong Lee and the compositional brilliance of Vasa Mihich's acrylic sculptures, Draga & Aurel delved into the concept of refraction. By strategically combining colored Lucite sheets of varying shapes and thicknesses, they achieved a mesmerizing spectrum of hues. Each piece is precisely cut and glued, resulting in an astonishing interplay of light and color—a revelation for anyone who beholds it. These multifaceted objects, with their ever-changing appearance from different angles, epitomize the essence of a flare, representing intuition, revelation, and the joy of discovery. In the words of Obradovic, "Flare is a spark of color that explodes, frees itself, and takes shape. It’s joy, experimentation, intuition, and freedom of expression."

Materials: lucite.

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