All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Self-taught designer and furniture maker Morten Stenbæk emphasizes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, merging elegance with ergonomic design. Working intuitively, he combines meticulous attention to detail with improvisation, honed through his experience as a blues musician. Stenbæk's primary inspiration comes from materials and techniques, focusing on mastering free-form lamination to mold three-dimensional shapes. He ingeniously infuses organic materials with newfound plasticity, creating extraordinary forms without compromising comfort. Inspired by Wendell Castle and Zaha Hadid, he is shaping his visual identity, embracing organic aesthetics and sculptural forms. Nature serves as a profound muse, subconsciously influencing his designs with elements like leaves, stems, branches, and waves, as he relentlessly pursues beauty and harmony in his work.

Materials: Ash, White Oil.

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