Design Miami/ Podium: America(s)

This year’s inaugural Design Miami/Podium exhibition will explore the theme America(s) through the lens of design.

Historically, "America"—whether referring to the United States or the wider region that includes it—has meant many things to many people. More recently, notions of America have been questioned, challenged and revised in ways that are transforming what America means, not just to Americans but the world at large.

Both online and off, America(s) features a concise selection of historical and contemporary design, by Americans and non-Americans alike, that together examine “America” as an idea, ideal and work-in-progress—one that offers manifold narratives, histories, interpretations, and futures. Ranging from iconic designs and works by lesser-known historical figures to a multiplicity of contemporary voices, America(s) aims to present an expanded and more complex, diverse and inclusive portrait of collectible design in, of, and about America.

Aric Chen
Curatorial Director, Design Miami/