The Design of 19th Century Shaker Communities
(Heaven on Earth)

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The Design of 19th-Century Shaker Communities (Heaven on Earth), presented by eBay

The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as the Shakers, practiced their faith through radical self-sufficiency. Living apart from mainstream society, they built their own communities, grew their own food, and designed their own furniture and tools for living—all in an effort to create heaven on earth. Today the relics of their humble lifestyle have become some of the most highly sought after antiques on the market.

Exploring the incredible design legacy of American Shaker communities, this original short-film was produced by Design Miami/ in collaboration with Hancock Shaker Village and John Keith Russell Antiques, and presented by eBay. Shakers songs are performed by Allison Russell, Tim Erickson, and Hiss Golden Messenger.

Special Thanks to The Staff at Hancock Shaker Village

Produced by Design Miami/ & ICYMI Productions (In Case You Missed It, LLC)

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