Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai 2023


A Made in House Production

Founded in 2005, Design Miami/ is the global forum for collectible design, featuring exhibitions of historical and contemporary furniture, lighting, and objets d’art. From expertly vetted gallery presentations to compelling design talks and unique commissions with visionary creatives, Design Miami/ presents fairs in Miami Beach, Florida, Basel, Switzerland – and in March 2023, Made in House will present Design Miami/ Podium in Shanghai, China.

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, a Made in House Production, will take place from March 8 – 12, 2023 at Zhang Yuan. Curated by Dr. Xue Tianchong, the Podium exhibition will be presented under the theme “Transcendence” a concept that will explore the power of design to elevate our lived experience, expand our minds, and point to the boundless and intangible.

Design is a true reflection and response to the world, and the narrative and concept behind each work of design extends far beyond the materiality of the piece itself. Through the theme of “Transcendence,” the Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai program will take a meaningful look at the ways in which extraordinary design represents more than meets than eye; that through contemplation and interaction, design has the ability to transport us beyond material forms to an expanded place of unlimited potential.

We invite the international design community to join us in the development of a curated, interdisciplinary, and innovative exhibition with limitless opportunity for expression through the theme of “Transcendence.”

Dr. Xue Tianchong
Dr. Xue Tianchong


20C Gallery / Beijing, Shanghai
ART+ Shanghai / Shanghai
Benwu Studio / Shanghai, Beijing
CoBrA GALLERY / Shanghai
Dumonteil Contemporary / Shanghai, Paris
Gaetano Pesce Studio / Italy
Galleria M2 / Milan, Chengdu
Gallery ALL / Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles
Gallery Sohe / Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing
Jiangjiaban / Xiamen
Joseph Walsh Studio / Cork
Laffanour – Galerie Downtown / Paris
Madein Gallery / Shanghai
Neooold / Hangzhou
O Gallery / Beijing
Objective Gallery / Shanghai, New York
PARIS-B / Paris
Pearl Lam Galleries / Hong Kong, Shanghai
ShanghART Gallery / Shanghai
Side Gallery / Barcelona
Studio MVW / Shanghai
Scry / Beijing
Ting-Ying Gallery / London
Tom Dixon / London
Anne Zhou
Hao Zhen Han
Huang Bo
Juno Shen
Ryan LaBar
Shao Fan
Zhao Jinya