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Teo Yang at Home

Design Miami

The Seoul-based designer gives a tour of Cheongsong-jae

After many inspiring years spent learning and working in some of the world's most vibrant cities—Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, and LA—Teo Yang moved back home to his beloved Seoul. Just over a decade later, this rising design star's high-end residential and commercial projects are drawing international accolades for effortlessly balancing tradition and modernity. This same approach is evident in Yang's home; a transcendent synthesis of 100-year-old architecture and contemporary art and design that he describes for us here.

Morning Overlooking the Courtyard

View into the courtyard

"My Hanok (traditional Korean house) is located in the historic Bukchon neighborhood in downtown Seoul. The name of the house is Cheongsong-jae (Green Pine Tree House). Built in 1917—a turbulent period in Korean history—the house encloses a middle courtyard with a pine tree garden. The evergreen pine trees represent abiding respect for the Korean monarchy."


Afternoon in the Reading Room

Living room and reading room

"The house comprises two buildings: one for private use and another for more public use. My weekdays are usually filled with many meetings here in my living room and small library. But gatherings have moved online since the lockdown. So lately I come here to read and work in peace and try to enjoy the quiet days. You can glimpse the Fornasetti console and Michael Joo glass sculpture."


Evening in the Tea Room

Inside the tea room

"The Tea Room is located in the center of the house, adorned with some favorites from my collection. Shown in the image is From Line, a 1979 artwork by Lee Ufan, and a bull-shaped earthenware piece from South East Asia. I especially like this room in the evenings—a place where I relax and drink wine or tea."


More Views of Cheongsong-jae
Bedroom view Bedroom with Savoir Bed Living Room with de Gournay Screen Dining room with wall cabinet Steps for Flowers Wallpaper


All images © Teo Yang