Spotlight: Human·Kind

Othering Queer Aesthetics

Anna Carnick

A video conversation between Adam Nathaniel Furman and Felix Burrichter

In 15 Minutes on Design & Human·Kind, we connect with outstanding creatives to explore design-led visions for a more equitable and interconnected world. For the latest installment, PIN-UP Founder Felix Burrichter speaks with artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman—a vocal advocate for diversity and representation in architecture, urbanism, and design—about “othering” in the built environment and the prejudice against queer aesthetics, as well as his forthcoming title, Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQIA+ Places and Stories (RIBA Publishing). 


Felix Burrichter. Photo © Maria Fonti | Adam Nathaniel Furman. Photo © Gareth Gardner;

This series was conceived and curated by Wava Carpenter and Anna Carnick of Design Miami and Anava Projects as an exploration of the Design Miami/ 2021 curatorial theme Human·Kind.

About Human·Kind: As an antidote to our most pressing social and environmental problems, today’s leading-edge design thinking strives to empower traditionally overlooked perspectives while expanding the scope of valued narratives. The process begins with seeing the world for what it is: a network of beings entangled with other beings, whose future is entirely interdependent. The objective is to level hierarchies that elevate humans over other species and to subvert unjust systems that privilege certain people while denying others the full slate of human rights.