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Leyden Lewis’s List

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The New York-based interior designer and artist points to a few of his favorite designs right now

Brooklyn-based interior designer and fine artist Leyden Lewis is known for creating elegant, character-rich environments, from private residences to commercial and cultural spaces around the globe. Lewis’s work is always fresh, always in-tune with client and context, and always demands a closer look.

Inside Lewis's Brooklyn home. Photo © David A. Land

Among other projects, the two-time Elle Decor A-List Top 125 designer in the world is currently contributing to the much-anticipated, soon-to-launch Obsidian Virtual Concept House organized by the Black Artists + Designers Guild, as well as a building in Khartoum, Sudan for the education of women between the ages of 14 and 21 years old.

We asked Lewis to share a few of his favorite designs from the site at the moment. Scroll on for his pick of fab, definitely-make-you-look-twice objects.


Formafantasma | Ellipse Ceiling Lamp

“I love pieces that reference celestial bodies,” Lewis says. “There seems to be a link to an architecture of higher consciousness.”


Francesca Torzo | Ottomano

“The rich, jewel-like colors of the textiles paired with the structural composition is an eclectic nod to classicism,” Lewis tells us.


Trent Jansen | Pankalangu Credenza

“This piece has such surreal potential,” Lewis notes. “The texture of frozen feathers captured in wood is fascinating.”


Bruno Martinazzi | Dito Gold Finger Ring

“It’s just fun!” Lewis says. “Who doesn’t want a gold dismembered fingertip? Like a lucky charm!”


Roderick Vos | Montigny

“It is a magnificent De Stijl composition,” Lewis says. “The explosive movement it implies creates so many possibilities for its placement.”


Rooms Studio | Cave Side Table

Finally, Lewis observes with a smile: “The capture of a conceptual art piece within function can lend humor to a space.”


Thanks, Leyden!