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With Artpothecary, Maestro Dobel champions Mexico’s contemporary creative community

This past spring, Jalisco, Mexico-based tequila maker Maestro Dobel—an innovative brand born of 11 generations of tequila-making and the creators of the original Cristalino tequila—launched Artpothecary, a creative platform and series of immersive experiences that celebrate contemporary Mexican creativity and hospitality. Through its efforts, Artpothercary spotlights creative visionaries who push the boundaries of their respective crafts.

As Alejandra Martinez, Artpothecary’s creative director—as well as founder of contemporary art platform Anónimo Colectivo—tells us, “My vision for Artpothecary, together with Maestro Dobel, is to create a solid gateway for Mexican talent in contemporary art and design to not only be promoted and exhibited, but also appreciated and discovered in new and fresh ways, across international platforms.”

Though the platform is quite young, Artpothecary has already collaborated with multiple outstanding creatives—including artists Eduardo Sarabia and Orly Anan. On the occasion of Design Miami/ 2021, Artpothecary presents its latest project, The Fruit Chemist, a bar activation at Design Miami/ outfitted with furniture from Mexico City-based design studio ATRA that also features a curated menu by Chef Jorge Vallejo of Mexico City’s Quintonil, alongside handcrafted cocktails with rare Mexican fruits.

Maestro Dobel's bar activation at Design Miami/ 2021. Photo courtesy of Maestro Dobel

Describing ATRA, Martinez says, “Like Maestro Dobel with its tequilas, ATRA is consistently inspired by and adapting traditional processes and techniques in the materials they use, to create their contemporary and almost futuristic collections. Bringing Artpothecary to the design temple that is Design Miami/, a collaboration with ATRA felt natural. I think ATRA is one of the best design studios in Mexico, and internationally. Everything about their work—the clean lines, the materials, the execution—feels sleek and new, they never repeat the same series over again.”

Describing the common thread between ATRA and Chef Vallejo’s work, and her larger hopes for the project, she notes, “They are both minimal, yet very profound. They innovate in their respective fields without taking from the richness of the raw materials...Through Maestro Dobel Artpothecary, we are able to bring together two brilliant Mexican talents, from different masteries, to create an experience that is inspired by its Mexican roots but refined in a way that can stand on its own on this global platform.” ◆


Maestro Dobel Tequila is a partner of Design Miami/ 2021