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5 reasons you can’t miss Design Miami/ Paris in October

We’re heading to Paris, and we can’t wait!

Following years of close collaborations with esteemed galleries, creatives, and partners based in the City of Light—such an important global hub for collectible design—we are overjoyed to debut Design Miami/ Paris in October.

To share our sense of momentum, we’re offering a first peek at the gallery program we have lined up for you. There’s so much more in the works, but—while we eagerly wait for October to arrive—here are five fantastic design encounters to look forward to at our first fair in Paris.


21st-Century Design Masters from Friedman Benda

Roots by Andrea Branzi, 2022. Photo © Friedman Benda & Andrea Branzi

Friedman Benda will ensure that Design Miami/ Paris shines a light on some of today’s most visionary, influential designers—those working at the forefront of the field to create the classics of the future. To name a few: Ron Arad, Faye Toogood, Joris Laarman, and Samuel Ross

One of many highlights of Friedman Benda’s presentation is the latest body of work by Italian maestro Andrea Branzi, whose radical, conceptually-driven approach has been dazzling the design world since his career began in the 1960s. Branzi’s new Roots series is composed of found driftwood encased in metal mesh forms, evoking the personal and communal memories we hope to keep safe.


21st-Century Haute Craft from Galerie SCENE OUVERTE

Modular Ceramic Chair by Rino Claessens, 2022. Photo © Galerie SCENE OUVERTE

The 21st century has seen tremendous energy circulating in and around handcraft production, from concerted efforts to revive and preserve traditional processes to an explosion of interest in experimentation that pushes traditional materials into uncharted territories.

Galerie SCENE OUVERTE specializes in this unique area of contemporary design, where history and innovation converge in the creation of finely crafted functional sculpture. The gallery’s roster—including Rino Claessens, William Coggin, KRJST Studio, and Léa Mestres, among others—is breathing new life into the ancient media of marble, fiber, and ceramics.


1980s Sculptural Minimalism from Ketabi Bourdet Design

Washington Console by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, 1983. Photo © Ketabi Bourdet

Many think of Memphis Group’s exuberant pattern and color when the subject of 1980s design comes up. But the decade’s aesthetic zeitgeist was counterbalanced by the other extreme: essentialist and deconstructed forms cloaked all in black.

At Design Miami/ Paris, Ketabi Bourdet Design will showcase the cool, minimalist side of the 1980s through ebony-hued sculptural furniture designed by vanguard talents like Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Philippe Starck, Rei Kawakubo, and more.


1960s French Chic from Demisch Danant

Senior Civil Servant's Desk by Joseph-André Motte, 1967. Photo © Demisch Danant

France in the 1960s was such a hot house for progressive yet sophisticated cultural production across art forms—painting, performance art, film, fashion, literature, and design.

For Design Miami's inaugural Paris show, Demisch Danant will feature a selection of rare and important French designs from the late 1960s, accompanied by illuminating archival images. Think Joseph André Motte, Étienne Fermigier, and Michel Boyer. C’est sleek, so chic.


1920s Swedish Grace from Galerie Eric Philippe

Pine and Marble Table by Axel Einar Hjorth, 1928. Photo © Galerie Eric Philippe

A short-lived but unforgettable design style emerged in Sweden in the 1920s, one that blended rich natural materials with traditional craftsmanship and pared-back, elegant forms—a little bit Arts & Crafts and a little bit Art Deco filtered through a cozy Nordic sensibility.

Among other works from the first half the 20th century, Galerie Eric Philippe will present a collection of rare and wonderful furniture designs by Carl Malmsten and Axel Einar Hjorth that exemplify that romantic and refined moment in design history called Swedish Grace. ◆


Join us for Design Miami/ Paris 2023!

Show Days/ Wednesday, October 18 - Sunday, October 22

Preview Day/ By Invitation Only/ Tuesday, October 17

Address/ 51 Rue de l’Université 75007 Paris, France


Design Miami/ Paris Galleries:

Demisch Danant
Friedman Benda
Galerie Chastel-Maréchal
Galerie Downtown François Laffanour
Galerie Eric Philippe
Galerie Jacques Lacoste
Galerie kreo
Galerie Meubles et Lumieres
Galerie Mitterrand
Galerie Patrick Seguin
Galleria Rossella Colombari
Gokelaere & Robinson
Hostler Burrows
Jousse Entreprise
Karry Berreby
Ketabi Bourdet Design
Moderne Gallery
Morentz Gallery
Pierre Marie Giraud
R & Company
Salon 94 Design
Sarah Myerscough Gallery


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