Cabinet Bijou

Maryanna Estomba

French artist Célia Bertrand’s masterful work in porcelain and brass

The one-of-a-kind Cabinet Bijou by Célia Bertrand is designed like a jewel—just as its name implies. “This piece of furniture, which I had imagined and dreamed about on paper,” reveals Bertrand, “took more than a year of work before taking shape.” The technical constraints were many for Bertrand, but once understood her dream became reality.

Bertrand currently lives and works in Paris. After obtaining degrees in art history, archaeology, and heritage development, she was selected by Villa Medicis for excavation work. This influential time spent on historic monument sites inspired her to begin designing decorative works employing techniques like leaf gilding. “Faced with objects of the industrial chain, I look for the crossroads between artisanal and imaginary savoir-faire,” explains Bertrand, who adds that her work has become much more personal over time.

Cabinet Bijou by Célia Bertrand, 2019. Photo © Galerie SCENE OUVERTE

With close attention to details and finishes, the Cabinet Bijou is the result of Bertrand’s personal and professional journey. Made of brass that has been worked to obtain a “sunny effect,” the piece’s shape—from the feet to the interior— plays with curves and has a jewelry-box-like form.

The door is covered in porcelain that has been hand-worked by Bertrand—a skill she acquired from different Parisian workshops and in Vallauris, a region renowned for its pottery and ceramics. “The material,” says Bertrand, “expresses both softness and fragility.” ◆


Cabinet Bijou by Célia Bertrand is available through Galerie SCÈNE OUVERTE.

Founded by Laurence Bonnel, Galerie SCENE OUVERTE is a young gallery in the heart of the 7th arrondissement in Paris. Designed like a living space reminiscent of a New York City loft, the gallery presents young and established artists who create unique furniture and objects in small editions, with a focus on ceramics.