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Urban Vogue.

A totemic object and culture element anchored in the DNA of Hervet Manufacturier, the Vedette skateboard offers speed and agility for cruising on asphalt. Its fine pointed silhouette is a symbol of the 70s, and its small size allows it to be discreetly carried everywhere and to be able to be stored in small spaces, unless exposed as a piece of art. Composed of 7 plies of wood, Vedette cruiserboards are collectable for a tour of the world of precious wood species.

They are available in Olivier de Provence, Fraké bariolé from Ivory Coast, Ziricote from Costa Rica, Zebrano from Cameroon or Palissandre dos Santos from Cambodia. It is fully equipped with ACE 00 trucks and Powell-Peralta Rat Bones black wheels with a diameter of 60 mm and a hardness of 85 A, mounted on Bones Swiss ceramic bearings.

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