Study O Portable's Sandglass is a one-of-a-kind, hand-blown hourglass with an irregular, cloud-like shape on one side that makes the movement of the sand inconsistent, unexpected, and abstracted. The vessel does not show a precise measurement of time but instead shows us the indeterminate nature of time as we sometimes experience it. This pieces was originally created for the Vera Chapter Two exhibition presented at the 2012 London Design Festival.

The designers further explain the design: "We are usually quite good at measuring time, especially when we are doing daily routines. We know how long it takes to walk to the station, how long it takes to have a bath, and how long a dinner should last. But this instinctive knowledge that's gained through experience can sometimes fade away when we encounter unusual circumstances, like when we are on holiday or when we are absorbed in a good book. Or when we find ourselves in a situation like the one we are currently experiencing."  This piece measures 23 x12 x 11 cm.


Founded in London in 2009 by Bernadette Deddens [NL] and Tetsuo Mukai [JP], Study O Portable is a research-based practice that makes objects about the designed environment and its relationship to the wider cultural landscape. The studio’s work takes a speculative approach to the definition of designing and is driven by different modes of thinking surrounding *things* in general. As Workshop For Potential Design, Deddens and Mukai initiate and organize exhibitions related to designed conditions.


Since 2009, the work of Study O Portable has been presented internationally at various occasions and places, like Design Miami/ and Design Miami/ Basel, London Design Festival, Design Parade Hyères, Gallery FUMI, Caroline van Hoek, Phillips de Pury & Company, Dutch Design Week, and Pavilion of Art & Design, among others.


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