Studio Milena Kling Circle Glass $250>

Milena Kling first launched her Circle Glass Collection in 2015. These mouth-blown table glasses are produced in cooperation with artisans of Lasvit in one of Europe's finest bohemian glass hot-shops. The delicate linear engravings in the crystal result from the unique production process that uses fine, pleated copper sheets to mold the molten glass. Thanks to this process, each piece in the open-edition collection is a one-of-a-kind.

Milena Kling first launched her Raw Collection in 2018, driven by her passion for reinterpreting traditional methods for producing mouth-blown glass. Each glass vase in the collection is a one-of-a-kind created by free-blowing molten glass into fine copper mesh molds, which results in delicate surface patterns and a fluid seam where the glass has settled and cooled. The collection explores a wide palette of colors, from warm amber gold and ruby red to blue hues and natural smoke grey. Individual variations in color, shape, and thickness are intrinsic to the design. The Raw Vase Large Aurora Pink measures 40 x 16 cm.

Glass artist Milena Kling founded her Berlin-based studio in 2012. Her handmade vessels, tableware, and objets d'art are produced in collaboration with expert European artisans and glassblowers. The studio's goal is to secure the future of craft production by developing a contemporary idiom defined by sensuous simplicity and unexpected details. Beyond the production of new collections and one-offs, the studio specializes in custom orders for high-end residential and commercial clients.



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