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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

To Glow or not to Glow, that is the question…
The Shining Shiitake series examines the myriad of shapes and sizes and colors and species and lifestyles seen in the mushroom realm. It reveals the magical narrative between purpose and artwork. The works draw from the potent healing powers of the Shiitake and emanate their glow to nurture symbiotic relationships. The unique objects that grow from this experiment become functional sculptures that trigger an adventure into light and landscape. Always playful, colorful and perky these Luminaires bring morsels of the rich forest woodlands to uplift the
quotidian. Shining Shiitakes sprout to be admired as daylight shines its rays on the multitude of colors and textures they parade; as the night falls, they display their amber glow and bathe their habitat in a glimmering luster.

Based in Beirut, Zein Daouk is a multidisciplinary architect with an obsession for creating and a passion for ceramics. Her work embraces the dialogue that links disciplines by highlighting the fluid narrative between function and sculpture. She explores form by working with the four Elements; flowing Water stretches shapes into the Earth, Air commits them to form and Fire becomes the founding act that brings them to life.
A harmonious combination of biomorphic forms emerge and push the sculptural vocabulary until the form becomes something mysterious and new.
At the essence of her craft lies an insatiable curiosity to learn.

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