Shari Mendelson, Green Vessel with 3 Double Handles $17,000>
Jason Jacques Gallery

Shari Mendelson is inspired by art history, and particularly by ancient Greek, Roman, and Islamic glass and terra-cotta artifacts— the sorts of works that make one think about what the material remains of peoples meant for posterity, and what the discarded and forgotten material of our own civilization shall someday say about us. With, in her own words, “equal parts play and reverence” Mendelson reinterprets these works using found pieces of discarded plastics— though almost without fail, at first glance a viewer falls under the impression that they are looking at ancient objects. The curved, concave, convex, and oblong forms that plastic waste takes on provides Mendelson with a wealth of material. Hence, though her artworks carry the looks and charm of ancient archaeological finds, they are contemporary both in terms of material and concept. They deal with the predicaments surrounding objects from the past and those from the present. On the one hand, we are confronted with rarity, fragility, and the near-impossibility of preservation— on the other, with the inescapable issue of superabundance, waste, permanence, and the fact that the endless materials of our lives may outlast us.


Shari Mendelson




Repurposed plastic, hot glue, acrylic polymer, resin, paint, mica, glass frit


31.75d x 31.75w x 73.66h cm




United States


New York or Miami