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This totem sculpture is part of Pia Maria Raeder’s renowned ‘Sea Anemone’ series, a set of biomorphic creations evoking the beauty of the ocean floor. Work by the artist is part of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France.

Encompassing four elements, the ‘Sea Anemone 25’ sculpture is made of 10,300 beech rods that are cut, sanded and meticulously arranged one by one by hand, before being lacquered. Free from its limitations, the wood thus transformed into undulating and living forms enjoys a new freedom. A breath of life seems to animate this organic creation, as if nature, rather than being copied, had been felt and reasserted. “My experimentations on materials and biomorphic forms aim at creating pieces which are as vibrant, unique and surprising as Nature”.

Inspired by organic structures, Pia Maria Raeder’s practice focuses on connection and a sense of wonder, creating artworks that induce a form of emotional and even tactile engagement between object and viewer.

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