All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

After a decade of coating polystyrene in rubber, Lamb is still innovating
with new coating materials. Lamb’s new highly reflective chairs begin
in the same process as his Poly works: hot-wire cut polystyrene creates
wavy ridges, which is then sprayed with rubber that dries within seconds
creating signature drips. The final step of silvering takes the longest
— a wet application process of silver nitrate that is similar to traditional
A precise chemical solution of silver nitrate and sodium hydroxide is
mixed to make a wet solution that is then applied to the rubber coated
poly chair. As the solution dries and settles, silver deposits create a
mirrored surface. The contours of the chairs are accentuated as light
reflects from every angle. Meanwhile the edges of the chair are blurred
as its mirrored surface reflects the surroundings.


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