Rooms Studio designed the Iron Chandelier in 2019, a part of the In Circulation Collection. The design is a reinterpretation of an old fashioned open-fire trivet, a nearly forgotten relic of the designers' home country, Georgia. At once brutalist and chic, the chandelier features a welded chain suspension and stylized bull motifs on the arms. Measuring 80 x 80 x 14 cm, with a chain length of 181.8 cm, this design is a limited edition of 12. Photos by Guram Kapanadze.

Both born in Tbilisi, Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia met and became friends while studying Interior Design at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. After graduating in 2003, they started working together on various projects and in 2007 founded Rooms Studio, a Tbilisi-based interior and product design studio. The influence of their Soviet childhood—in which they experienced tremendous cultural change and a mix of Asian and European traditions—greatly impacts the duo's ideas and creations. By unearthing hidden treasures from historic roots and following instinctive impulses, Rooms Studio reflects its unique attitude toward life.


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