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The year of 2020 has been exceptionally challenging in human history with natural disasters and all restrictions and incidents related to COVID-19. In this year, America has witnessed historical moments where Asian Americans had to face negative responses resulted in heart-breaking experiences because of their races and ethnicity, and where the Black Lives Matter movement in June has turned out to be the largest protest in history, both since the Coronavirus outbreak. For this year's edition of Design Miami, Gallery All presents Po Shun Leong, a respected Asian American artist who immigrated to the United States in the early 1980's after his tremendous traveling and experiences overseas within the context of the curatorial theme, America. Having survived the Second World War at an early age, Po shares the experiences from the darkest time in human history. He exclusively works with wood, and often times his work's architectural character is built up of many different kinds of wood in their natural colors, inspired by ancient or legendary civilizations. It in the mean time reflects on his travels and experiences in each country he has been. He finally had settled in Southern California in 1981 and established a studio in his home and continued teaching himself woodworking. His dedication to woodworking led him to a number of awards in the United States, as well as museum collections and significant private collections. Seeing how America is challenged and minorities are facing difficult situations, Po's work brings the greatest stories to us, what we exactly need in these precise, trying times. Through the lens of Po, we learn what we will need to preserve and pass onto the next generations in America. This particular work, 'Colosseum Coffee Table' is made of thousands of wood pieces that the artist collected from the countries that he has been, reflecting the carefree beauty in our lives and reminding us of how we have been overlooking such treasures in this hard time. Standing tall and proud, it never speaks aloud but somehow whispers into us, brings us the focus on this precise moment.


Po Shun Leong




Mix wood


43 x 152 x 91cm




United States




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