Philipp Aduatz Melting Chair Black Chrome $12,500>

Philipp Aduatz's intention in the design of his Melting Chair is to capture in a sculptural object a moment of change that seems utterly fragile and filled with fascinating possibilities at the same time. The piece is carefully crafted to appear to the viewer to be a solid chair that's melting away.

To create this illusion, Aduatz studied the solidification of fluids as well as the melting of solids with modern 3D animation software. He then designed the surface of the object down to the smallest detail. Through form studies with CNC-milled polystyrene models and rapid prototyping, he ensured a perfect geometry. The final object is made out of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer, a light and strong composite material that is very durable. The surface is coated with a special mirror coating for a metallic appearance. Measuring 95 x 93 x 78 cm, this piece is available as an edition of 12 + 3 AP.

Vienna-based designer Philipp Aduatz creates limited-edition functional objects that are highly sculptural in nature. Working with innovative materials and fabrication technologies, Aduatz combines traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting edge implements like 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, CNC milling, and rapid prototyping. Greatly influenced by sculptors Constantin Brâncusi and Tony Cragg, Aduatz aims to develop a distinct language of form in each of his pieces, encouraging a new discourse between the object and its user or viewer.


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