To create his Cloud Chair, Philipp Aduatz harnessed the natural expansion of polyurethane foam that's typically used in construction for insulation. The cloud-like geometry of the chair results from the foaming process that occurs when the material is applied directly out of the can onto the inner support structure. Glass fibers and resin ensure that the structure of the chair is suited to load-carrying without giving up the natural shape of the foam. The Cloud is finished with lacquer in a gradient brightness and measures 82 × 50 × 50 cm. It is available as an edition of 8 + 2 AP.

Vienna-based designer Philipp Aduatz creates limited-edition functional objects that are highly sculptural in nature. Working with innovative materials and fabrication technologies, Aduatz combines traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting edge implements like 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, CNC milling, and rapid prototyping. Greatly influenced by sculptors Constantin Brâncusi and Tony Cragg, Aduatz aims to develop a distinct language of form in each of his pieces, encouraging a new discourse between the object and its user or viewer.


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