Naama Hofman designed Light Object 020.3 in 2020. Her 020 Collection is composed of handcrafted brass parts, LEDs, and—instead of the acrylic tubes she typically uses—elegant glass globes. Light Object 020.3 measures 97 x 97 x 73 cm. It is an open edition made to order. Custom variations are possible.

Hofman shares the story behind her latest collection: "At the beginning of the shutdown necessitated by the pandemic, I thought long and hard about the changes I needed to make to adapt my daily routine to the new reality. The new routine required me to change how I approach design and created opportunities to experiment. The result is a new collection of objects called 020, inspired both by necessity and a longing for connection and movement. Each piece takes ownership of its space at the same time that it stretches its elegant limbs—like arms and legs reaching for faraway objects or people, trying to touch just beyond what's in reach."

Israeli designer Naama Hofman specializes in minimalist lighting objects and ambient art installations that are illuminated by environmentally friendly LEDs. She studied industrial design at the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Ramat Gan and established Naama Hofman Light Objects in 2010. Her work has been featured in several esteemed publications, including Wallpaper, AD Spain, Dwell, and Form, among others. She lives and works in Berlin.


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