Monica Bonvicini Necklace $12,800>
Elisabetta Cipriani Wearable Art

Exceptional necklace made out of white and pink gold with malachite as hand granates, grey gold balls and dark blue sapphires. The necklace is designed by Monica Bonvicini and reflects her interpretation of a classic holy rosary. This simple necklace is a true eye-catcher and conversation piece and adds to every look. Monica Bonvicini incorporates humour into each jewellery piece, working between power and gender, her personal take on how to interpret jewellery. There is an underlying subtle humour in the pieces, as in the unpredicted grenades featured alongside the sapphires in the long chain. The key inspiration for the collection is based on a rejection of classical styles for open and inventive women and men. Personalities who dare to see jewellery as being about personal expression rather than just status. Edition of 50.




418kt white gold, rose gold, sapphire, malachite crystal


53 cm long






$10,000- $20,000