All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

If one work were to crystalize the thesis of Misha Kahn’s recent Soft Bodies, Hard Spaces it would be an Ammonoid chair: our environments should reflect our true human nature. We are not rigid and four-sided, but rather soft, fleshy and changing. The Ammonoid series refers to a group of extinct cephalopods, in the mollusk family, that is related to the modern-day Nautilus. Kahn’s take are distinctly two-sided, exposing a bright personality on the face, and another more complex, undulating and vulnerable one is revealed only when one’s viewpoint shifts. Kahn’s Ammonoid Gamma is cloaked in pink and yellow—a combination that at first blush might evoke a candy-shop, but also one of the most marvelous combinations found in nature, be it on a flower or a Rosy Maple moth—is also wooly in nature. The felt is hand-tailored “on the body” so as to keep the lines as crisp as its 3-D rendering origin.

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