mischer'traxler Nartificial #4 $400

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler of mischer’traxler studio have donated four one-of-a-kind drawings on the theme of “nartificial,” depicting intriguing intersections of manmade objects and organic growth. Offered separately, each has been created with pen and watercolor on 200 g paper in standard A4 size. All are signed and dated by the designers.


Based in Vienna, mischer’traxler studio develops and designs products, furniture, installations, and more driven by experimental processes and conceptual thinking. Striking a balance between the dual approaches of handcraft and technology, the studio envisions whole systems, new production methods, and kinetic-interactive installations.


Mischer and Traxler met while completing their BAs in Product & Furniture Design at the NDC St.Pölten and Kingston University London. They continued on to study in the IM-masters program at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After graduating in 2008, Mischer and Traxler founded their studio in 2009.


Projects by mischer’traxler are regularly displayed in contemporary design and art exhibitions worldwide in venues like the Cooper Hewitt Museum, Design Museum Holon, Boijmans van Boiningen, Design Museum London, Triennale di Milano, Mudac Lausanne, and more. The studio's work can be found in the permanent collections of the MAK Vienna, Art institute Chicago, Vitra Design Museum, and British Design Council, among others. In 2019, they co-curated and designed the permanent exhibition MAK Design Lab at the MAK Vienna.

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