All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Issac Katz’s dramatic polished bronze chair is molded and cast to simulate the supple draping of fabric casually cloaking an arm chair. Despite being rendered in rigid bronze, one of the oldest used and strongest metals, Katz’s table exudes an enticing levity and functionality. The unlikely juxtaposition of material and form is evidence of the artist’s striking originality and wit, while the bronze’s rich tone and high mirror polish expresses an almost comically pop-art opulence.

With a focus on creating sublime pieces of functional and collectible design, artist Isaac Katz merges the art and design worlds into a seamless whole, create enduring works of beauty that provoke the viewer to examine what functional art can be. An exercise in pure aesthetic expression and the limitless potential of volume and light, Katz’s work taps into algorithmic processes intrinsic in the natural world – using and transmuting the physical laws that bind us, taking us on a journey to a universe where anything is possible. Combining form, function, and a playful and liberated approach towards geometry and abstraction, Katz Studio is a place of experimentation and discovery; where the boundless possibilities of Art and Design cohere into an integrated whole.

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