Galerie VIVID

The Dutch Galerie VIVID is proud to announce the collaboration with one of the most talented American designers: Jonathan Nesci. For Galerie VIVID Nesci designed the Irwin Coffee Table (ICT) made out of aluminium and acrylic. It is a celebration of honest materials in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, simple, geometric shapes joined with mathematical precision, local expertise used to fabricate a global concept. The design was inspired by nine domes of the all-glass Irwin Union Bank (now the Cummins Conference Center), designed for J. Irwin Miller in 1951 by Eero Saarinen in Nesci’s hometown of Columbus.

Local third-generation machinists at Turner’s Machining Specialties milled the top from 1-inch aluminum plate with the aid of CNC (computer numerical control) and the legs from solid,1 ¼-inch aluminum bar stock. One-inch thick, polished acrylic inserts CNC cut in Chicago fit perfectly into the nine openings. The table is 33.33 inches square, sits 13.33 tall, with the proportions of the top all set on the Golden Ratio. The natural finish is hand-polished and waxed.

The finished product defines minimalism as it honors heritage.

“It’s the perfect combination of technology and craft,” Nesci said. A design's inspiration, engineering and fabrication all coming from local resources feels meaningful in a world of increasing globalization


Jonathan Nesci




Aluminium, acrylic


85 x 85 x 34 cm






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