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"‘JinYe’, which translates as Gold (Jin) Leaf (Ye) in Chinese, is an appropriate name for a collection based on the dialogue between a brass-coloured leaf with a subtle gold shade and the shimmering richness of Patagonia quartzite. This exceptional natural granite was born in a volcanic region in Brazil and is known for its durability and beautiful patterning.

The Gold Leaf, an oblong circular shape cut in various sizes, is the central motif of the ‘JinYe’ series, forming each element of the piece – top, shelf, sides – in a composition that looks spontaneous but is in fact technically very challenging. Like an otherworldly game of stacking stones, a console, coffee table or side table each reveals a new and different
appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Mesmerizing as well are the iridescent shades of the Patagonia quartzite, its graphic pattern made of deep black, pale gold and moiré brown, and the twinkling of the quartz, feldspar, mica and other mineral inclusions.

As if governed by the laws of nature, ‘JinYe’ establishes itself as a both sophisticated and fundamentally organic collection where each piece stands as a miniature landscape for the home. Designed by multi-awarded duo Studio MVW, the ‘JinYe’ collection is exclusively produced for Galerie BSL in limited editions of 8 pieces + 4 artist proofs."

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