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Jean Prouvé designed diverse typologies of school furniture for primary schools to universities in his Maxéville factory. The furniture he devised, economical and robust yet ergonomic and pleasing to the eye, fitted perfectly with the requirements of these demanding markets. The Ateliers Jean Prouvé created in 1953 furniture for the lecture halls of the Centre national d’éducation physique at Joinville after having been commissioned the equipment of the whole center. The project included four lecture halls, the largest comprising 300 seats. The triangular-section steel uprights of the lecture hall benches, on which the seats and backrests are mounted, are horizontally connected by tubes on which the desks pivoted. The enameled structure of these lecture hall benches with pivoting writing tablet were painted in a delightful light green colour which has been preserved. Its seats, backrests and tablet in solid oak present a nice patina and bear the traces of generations of students with their carved inscriptions. The pivoting writing desk was a special and smart feature developed by Prouvé at that time. Around the same period, the Ateliers Jean Prouvé conceived lecture halls for numerous universities including that of Caen, Paris and Aix-Marseille, demonstrating an ability to adapt rapidly to changing requirements. Besides lecture hall benches, the Ateliers conceived a large array of furniture for schools and universities including professor desks, chairs, and dormitories. This lecture hall bench is in his original state and very good condition.


Jean Prouvé


ca. 1953


Sheet steel, tube and aok


83.5 x 200 x 62 cm








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