Jean-Luc Le Mounier Fringe Cabinet $66,000>
Todd Merrill Studio

Meticulous attention to detail and a mastery of mixing high-end materials have made Jean-Luc Le Mounier a name to watch. His latest work elevates the possibilities of contemporary designs. Le Mounier has dramatically punctuated the cabinet’s function by playfully emphasizing the movement created by its use. Sheathed in gradient rose colored stainless steel, the cabinet’s steel surface shifts in color as the doors move, reflecting different levels of light in the surrounding area. Woven black nylon threads cascade over the cabinet’s top and doors, creating a gentle swaying motion as each door is opened and closed. Grounding the cabinet are five natural black oak feet that contrast with the smooth steel exterior. French cabinetmaker Jean-Luc Le Mounier lives and works in Brittany (North-West of France). Le Mounier spent much of his childhood in his grandfather’s carpentry workshop where he would craft tiny pieces of furniture with the tools and materials he could find there. Fascinated with wood, he started his training as a cabinetmaker in 1995. In 2003, Le Mounier opened his own workshop where he could express his passion and explore the many possibilities of crafting unique furniture design.


Jean-Luc Le Mounier




Nylon Thread, Stainless Steel, Black Oak


129.54h x 187.96w x 38.10d cm






New York