Irthi Talli x Misbah Collection - B Design Labs Collection - Mebrah $14,678>

Irthi x The Lél Collection Talli x Misbah Collection - B Design Labs Collection For the “Talli x Misbah Collection - B” Design Lab, Irthi collaborated with The Lél Collection, a Pakistan-based studio supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose workforce comprises of displaced Afghani artisans. The Misbah Collection - B focuses on the Misbah as a home décor element. Bidwa’s trainees* learned how to cut and engrave semi precious stones, marble and wood beads, in addition to an array of resin inlay techniques. The challenge was carving and setting inlays in a three dimensional format rather than the traditionally used flat format for a “larger than life” Misbah Collection ranging from three to eight meters long, engraved with geometric shapes inspired by traditional patterns carved on Emirati doors. Bidwa’s artisans* have combined their knowledge of Emirati Talli weaving techniques with Macramé weaving techniques to produce woven rope elements that link the beads together. The result is a series of sculptural design elements that may be placed on a dining table, hung, or simply laid on the floor to highlight the poetics of a space.

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The Lél Collection




Lapis Lazuli, Serpentine, marble, resin, wood, cotton rope, silk rope, nylon thread


8 cm diameter ; 75 cm length




United Arab Emirates




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