Irthi Talli x Misbah Collection - A Design Labs Collection - Sayr Yaay Misbah- Gold $7,146>

Irthi x The Lél Collection Talli x Misbah Collection - A Design Labs Collection For the “Talli x Misbah Collection - A” Design Lab, Irthi collaborated with The Lél Collection, a Pakistan-based studio supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose workforce comprises of displaced Afghani artisans. This Misbah Collection is a reinterpretation of the traditional Misbah* (Emirati word for prayer beads), using it as an “open work of beads”, that can be used as prayer beads or a piece of jewellery. This line of jewellery Misbahs was made by jewellery artisans from Lél and Irthi’s Bidwa trainees* using lapis lazuli and woven gold and silver threads and beads. The use of real gold and silver threads is reminiscent of when Talli first started in the UAE, where women would weave real gold and silver threads, unlike the synthetic metallic threads used today. The threads used to create the misbah were woven by Bidwa’s artisans* using the “Sayr Yaay” and “Single Talli” Talli * techniques.

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The Lél Collection




Lapis Lazuli ; 21k gold


0.4 cm diameter; 30 cm length




United Arab Emirates




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