Irthi Safeefah x Camel Leather Bags Design Labs Collection - Linear Bucket bag ( Brown ) $1,643>

Irthi x Jennifer Zurick Safeefah x Camel Leather Bags Design Labs Collection Irthi collaborated with the Smithsonian Museum acquired artist and Loewe craft prize commissioned craft artist, Jennifer Zurick, from the United States, to combine Safeefah and other weaving techniques to braid camel leather, creating a collection of sculptural hand bags. Designed using an innovative combination of ancient indigenous weaving traditions from both the United Arab Emirates and the United States, these finely woven contemporary handbags cross international borders and portray the bond of the creative spirit of women and weavers from different cultures around the world. The unique quality of this collection comes from the traditional Safeefah techniques. Safeefah products have traditionally been made of palm fronds and used as mats and baskets, constructed as long woven strips, coiled and sewn together. Zurick, who is a contemporary basket-weaver, worked with Irthi’s Bidwa artisans and trainees* to create fashionable and functional bag designs, with a natural rustic aesthetic, utilising Emirati camel leather in place of the palm, taking the traditional weave in an exciting new direction.

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Jennifer Zurick




Brown camel leather


8 x 8 x 30 cm




United Arab Emirates