Irthi Oud x Palestinian Glass Blowing Design Labs Collection - Gharzah Oud Oil Container Pendant $1,203>

Irthi x Hollow Forms by Dima Srouji Oud x Palestinian Glass Blowing Design Labs Collection For the “Oud x Palestinian Glass Blowing” Design Lab, Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council collaborated with designer Dima Srouji and Palestinian Glassblowers, to produce non-traditional glass blown perfume and Oud oil bottles, and Midkhans (incense burners) in collaboration with Bidwa trainees* that merged the craft of perfume-making from the UAE, with the craft of glass making from Palestine. The glass blowing industry in Palestine is one of the most beautiful and technically advanced local traditions. This project experiments with more contemporary glass forms and gives the craft a new narrative. The Bidwa trainees* learned how to create small glass forms, as well as glass beads from the expert Palestinian glassblowers, which were used in the creation of this playful and feminine collection that is inspired by both the Palestinian and Emirati natural landscapes, textures, and forms, such as the cactus, coral stones, and jellyfish.

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Hollow Forms by Dima Srouji




Borosilicate glass - black


10 x 3 x 5 cm




United Arab Emirates




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