Irthi x Bint Thani Collection Embroidery x Camel Leather Design Labs Collection For the “Embroidery x Camel Leather” Design Lab Irthi collaborated with Emirati Khuloud Al Thani’s Atelier to produce embroidered camel leather screens; transforming haute couture techniques into interior design applications. The embroidered designs are based on Emirati folktales or “Al Kharrarif”, an intangible culture that this collection aims to document and pass on. These stories are part of the Emirati collective conscious, as most children hear these stories to enrich their imagination, teach them life lessons or discourage bad behaviour. Each folktale revolves around a mythical creature or character, and this collection illustrates three of them - Himarat Al Qaila (The Afternoon Donkey- half woman and half donkey), Um Al Dowais (A seductress who lures men with her gazelle-like eyes and then turns into a monster and kills them) and Salama and her Daughters (Sea creatures feared by fishermen), using Talli* braids, in addition to embroidery on camel leather panels. Um Al Dowais: A seductress who lures men using her gazelle-like eyes. She is famous for wearing stacks of gold and once men are captivated by her, she turns into a monster and kills them. This tale was meant to discourage fishermen and pearl divers who spent days away from their families from being unfaithful to their wives.

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Bint Thani Collection




Camel leather; cotton threads; Talli braids; beads; blackened steel


8.2 ft2




United Arab Emirates




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