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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

"Embodying these stylistic qualities, this rare floor lamp with intigrated table from the mid-1920s depicts a cast of characters in the heat of the chase. Fully extended from head to tail, horses, hounds and stags leap at full speed, capturing a rousing moment in the hunt.

The elongation of forms creates an electrifying sense of dynamism and fluidity, exhibiting both elegance and speed. A complex, interlocking arrangement of streamlined torsos, limbs and heads, these characters attest to Diederich’s superb use of negative space to create a thoughtful composition and design. Overall, this rare example by Hunt Diederich superbly exhibits his passion for animals, his unique and intelligent design, his modernist approach and his skill as an iron worker and sculptor. Combined, such characteristics evolve into a design at the apex of sophistication and early American modernism."
Circa 1925

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