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Boulloud's furniture, made in limited numbered editions, fuses a variety of technical processes and aesthetic moods and boasts an ease with a range of high quality materials including wood, bronze, brass, steel, glass, gold leaf, inlaid precious stones, and even preserved exotic butterfly specimens. His showstopping creations don’t adhere to any existing styles, but rather take their direction from Boulloud’s rigorous intellectual quests and artistic determination to distill an idea to its essence. His attention to detail creates hidden delights in every inch of his works, and each piece is a testament to his imaginative vision of decor. From textured surfaces that resemble the carapace of a giant creature, to radiant polished metals and glistening modern Boulle marquetry, Boulloud’s cabinets, tables, mirrors, and seating defy genres and arise from a lineage all their own.

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