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The « Diamond Vase » is part of a larger new collection of ""monumental"" ceramic jars. These pieces carry a mix of colors and patterns, which are quintessentially Hella. The colors are in line with the exhibition «Breathing Colour» at the Design Museum in London and at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam; research on the color which varies around the evolution of light throughout the day. From dusk till dawn, Hella works on a multiple range of colors with evoke different hours of the day. The « Facet Bottles » and the « Diamond Vases » reinterpret the chromatic variations of « Day » and « Night ». This work is completely in line with Hella Jongerius' research into colour. ""My ultimate goal is to oppose the power of colour to the power of form.""

Hella Jongerius (1963) has become known for the special way she fuses industry and craft, high and low tech, tradition and the contemporary. Hella Jongerius’s research on colours, materials, and textures is never complete. All her questions are open-ended, and all her answers provisional, taking the form of finished and semi-finished products. These are part of a never-ending process, and the same is essentially true of all Jongeriuslab designs: they possess the power of the final stage, while also communicating that they are part of something greater, with both a past and an uncertain future. The unfinished, the provisional, the possible – they hide in the attention for imperfections, traces of the creation process, and the revealed potential of materials and techniques. Through this working method, Jongerius not only celebrates the value of the process, but also engages the viewer, the user, in her investigation.


Hella Jongerius




Porcelain vases


58 x 87 cm




The Netherlands




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