Glithero Silverware Vase Round $10,200


Silverware by Glithero is a series of porcelain vases featuring images of seaweed directly photographically developed upon the vase surface. Foraged from around the British Isles, the seaweed is composed on the prepared light-sensitive surface of the vases, which are then exposed to light and developed like a photograph. The result is a highly detailed black and white impression. This round Silverware Vase has a photogram of dulce seaweed. Measuring 35 x 43 cm, it is a one-of-kind.


British designer Simpson and Dutch designer van Gameren met while studying at the Royal College of Art. From their London studio Glithero, they create products, furniture, and time-based installations that give birth to unique and wonderful products. Their work has been presented in a broad spectrum of media but follows a consistent conceptual path: to capture and present the beauty that lies the moment when things are made.


From machines that miraculously create wax chandeliers from strung wick and a pouring slide that becomes a 10-meter-long poly-concrete table, to ceramics that turn vivid blue under UV light, the key ingredients of Glithero’s work are time and transformation. With their own concoction of creation-performance, they aim to bridge creative disciplines and make works that can be understood by all.

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