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The Pratt Chair was designed by Gaetano Pesce and produced in polyurethane resin in 2019. The designer tells the story of the design as follows: “This is a story between what we consider the design and what we consider art. But in the case of the Pratt Chair, it is a banality—because what changes is just the chemical formula. This is ironic because we make a lot of talk about design/art, art/design. The Pratt Chair, depending on the density of resin, is a sculpture or a chair. The idea was to make #1-9—changing the formula from #1 liquid, to a little more resistant, to structural, to dense until #9. The formula of # 1 was jelly—as soon as we opened the mold, the chair collapsed, like a body with no bones. At that moment we cannot use the chair. We can only look at the chair—as we do with art. We then changed the formula. So, #2 is a little stronger; when we open the mold the chair stands up but if you touch it, it collapses. Then, #3 is a chair that a small child might sit on, but it also gives the child a kind of insecurity because of the chair wobbles. #4 Is okay for the child, as #5 and #6 might be for an adult. Then #7 changes again because the curve hardens, hugging the back. Number #8 and #9 are so rigid that they become uncomfortable” Born in La Spezia, Pesce (b. 1939) is an Italian architect, designer, and urban planner. Over the course of his 50+ year career, he continuously pioneered experimental approaches to materials, processes, and forms and along the way pushed the boundaries of design discourse ever forward. He is known especially for this signature work in resin.




Polyurethane resin, smooth-on pigment


94 x 48.3 x 50.8 cm






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