All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

A sense of fun and frivolity pervades all of le Gall’s furniture, but his work also manages to be sophisticated, thought-provoking and (above all) finely crafted. 

Entirely self-taught, le Gall finds inspiration in the Surrealist movement—Dali’s melting clocks, Cocteau and the arm sconces in Beauty and the Beast—and in the art of Max Ernst and the elongated forms of Giacometti. He is also inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois, Francis Bacon and Franciso Clemente. Despite these legendary influences, le Gall’s fanciful furniture resonates, not in a historian’s monotone, but in an eccentric painter’s giggle.

Materials: "Polished Steel Structure
Steel Ball Bearings and Magnets"

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