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In contrast to Egeværk’s signature minimalist carved wood works, the “Fluid” chair is cast in resin and mounted on copper legs. It is translucent, futuristic, sometimes colorful– “a bold extrovert,” in the words of its designers. Inspired by their research into aquatic life and the ways in which sea creatures’ bodies reflect light and absorb the colors of their surroundings, “Fluid” evokes images of viscous forms, tentacles, and movement through the silent depths of the ocean.

Each “Fluid” chair is made individually using the original mold. The resin is tinted by hand in different hues, and is then mixed at a high speed to capture as many air bubbles as possible. The final piece is the result of a difficult and complex casting process, due to the amount, as well as volatility, of the material.

Egeværk (Mette Bentzen, Danish, b.1978 and Lasse Kristensen, Danish, b.1985) trained at PP Furniture, the highly esteemed Danish joinery, and have been awarded the Carpentry Prize, Danish Design Awards (Best Arts & Crafts) as well as numerous other marks of honor in their craft.

Materials: Hand-cast resin and copper.

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