Flatwig Studio Ondula Coffee Table $4,990>

The Ondula Coffee Table was designed by Flatwig Studio in 2019. It's composed of enameled corrugated sheetmetal, an industrial material commonly used for roof coverings. But with a simple gesture of a curve the metal becomes the main vertical element of the table, which can be customized in various finishes and colors. Measuring 110 x 100 x 35, this design is an open edition made to order.


Founded by Erica Agogliati and Francesca Avian, Flatwig Studio is a Milan-based design practice. Flatwig’s work spans interiors, custom-made furniture, product design, graphics, and creative direction for emerging brands and private clients. Their work is frequently inspired by folklore as well as historical customs and traditions and consistently engages with the themes of food and tableware. 


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