Flatwig Studio hold on—on hold $200

“We were inspired by a letter written by Ettore Sottsass called Breaks, which we believe is very timely. It is about self-reflection and experiencing and appreciating pauses as essential moments. During the quarantine, we’ve learned to accept moments of nothing, when all you have to do is hold on.” —Flatwig Studio


Flatwig Studio has donated hold on / on hold, a limited edition, signed digital print inspired by a letter penned by iconic designer Ettore Sottsass. The illustration was created digitally, using a graphic pen, and it measures A4. Only five prints are available.


Here is the 2001 Sottsass passage, taken from There Is a Planet published in 2017 by Triennale Design Museum/Electa (pg. 127): “Days are packed with breaks, overflowing with waiting. You could say there are more breaks than non breaks in life. It makes you think you spend most of your life bemusedly waiting to see what’s going on to happen. It makes you want to say that breaks are countless and never-ending. They are the times when you wait helpless, trying to understand what changes inside of us and what changes outside of us. We wait in silence to understand how our movements change, how our smiles and our visions change, how our splendor fades, how our courage fades too and history changes, how changes come about in that strange landscape that never stops moving, partly because we see it from the window of our train, the train that is us.”


Founded by Erica Agogliati and Francesca Avian, Flatwig Studio is a Milan-based design practice. Flatwig’s work spans interiors, custom-made furniture, product design, graphics, and creative direction for emerging brands and private clients. Their work is frequently inspired by folklore as well as historical customs and traditions and consistently engages with the themes of food and tableware. 

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