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"With our leaning pieces, it's a game of how much cantilever we can get away with while keeping the shelf strong and secure. The nice thing about these designs is that they use the heaviness of the Material as an advantage. The weight and balance keeps it surprisingly stable despite it's look. You could place a 40lb weight at the far end of the top shelf before it would start to tip; and if you allocated weight more evenly it just gets more and more stable. Inside the bottom of the leg, there is a locking mechanism that gives an additional hidden security to the floor." This complete piece weighs approximately 415 lbs. Installation requires a ground anchor, mounted by a professional. A steel plate can be added in lieu of fixed ground installation. The EXO series is an exploration of nature's growth patterns on design materials, to understand the perfect structure of exoskeleton. The project was conceived from a culmination from James de Wulf's 16 years of concrete knowledge; from the gravity joints to the seamless finish. The beauty of stainless steel, ductile and resistant to corrosion, married with the strength, porosity, and density of concrete, create the perfect union. Each Material benefits from the other's properties. With the union of these two materials in this patented process, tables are stronger, thinner, and more unique. "Every year I make one piece that really pushes the envelope of what is possible with my current techniques and materials. For the Design Miami show, this was the Hatter Leaning Shelf. The name comes from the Mad Hatter in Alic in Wonderland; like, I was crazy to try and make this thing. I really doubted it would be stable until we stood the darn thing up. I still find it incredibly pleasing to look at. It boasts a triple gravity joint and is surprisingly stable because of the weight of the material and center balanced design." - James de Wulf The shelf weighs 415 lbs. The piece lives beautifully indoors and performs well outdoors. Tables are sealed with a unique finishing wax and will develop a gradual patina adding to the beauty of the material’s character over time.

Materials: concrete, stainless steel.

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